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Water, you need to stay hydrated because you’re getting two blog posts in one day and the other one is a really doozy.


The number one thing my friends asked me when I began throwing around the idea of starting a blog was, “What will it be about?” That’s a fantastic and incredibly annoying question! In 2016 you can’t really just write about whatever you feel like writing about, you need to have a hook — something interesting, unique and not completely overdone.

So what is this blog about? Here’s my 30-second “elevator pitch” to try to reel you in:

This is a blog that takes on the average, every day issues of any so-called “normal” person through my third-wave feminist lens. I’ll explore topics and examine them not only from my incredibly biased opinion, but also by approaching issues from a number of viewpoints and philosophical readings. Now here’s my kitschy hook – every blog post comes with a recommended beverage pairing (we’ll explore both alcoholic and regular) and shares its title with a song. We’ll have fun learning, dancing and drinking together!

“That sounds incredibly boring/lame/gimmicky/insert negative adjective of choice here, I know you’re my friend/family member/frenemy but I’m not going to read it.” That’s okay! If my pitch sounds boring then this blog isn’t for you, and that’s completely and totally okay. If you are intrigued, then YAY! I’m excited for you to join me on this journey of self-discovery.

My commitment to you, my (hopefully) loyal reader, is to provide you with one piece of reading material and beverage pairing per week for at least the next year. As a connoisseur of well-written articles, music and fine beverage pairings I will try my hardest not to disappoint.

Also, I know I’m kind of cheating. I said right there in the intro paragraph you can’t just write about whatever you feel like writing about or write about something that’s been completely overdone. Okay, you caught me. Feminist topics are a bit overdone these days, especially by white, millennial women. Also, I’m totally going to write about whatever I feel like writing about. However, I promise you, my dear reader, that I will explore these various topics with a broad mind, open heart and uncompromising journalistic integrity that is not often seen in other similar blogs. I want you to have fun reading these posts, I want them to make you pause and think and most of all I want you to walk away feeling like you didn’t just waste ten minutes of your life reading a pointlessly boring article. Except for maybe this one, but that’s why I’m gifting you with two blog posts to start.

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